GIS Exchange|Map Details - Lifestyle and Risk Behavior, Adults in Hennepin County, Minnesota|DHDSP|CDC (2024)

For smoking, rates range from below 10% in suburban Hennepin County regions to 23.8% in North Minneapolis. A similar pattern is found in the rate of lacking leisure time physical activity. The inverse pattern is observed for eating five or more fruits or vegetables per day, with the rate in North Minneapolis is lowest, and the rates among North and West suburban inner ring are second lowest, however, this is expected as this is the one measure that would be considered health-promoting, as opposed to the others which are detrimental.

This map supports the contention that population measures of physical activity, smoking, nutrition, and obesity are correlated at the population level and demonstrate similar geographic distribution. This map shows the geographic variation of four lifestyle and risk behaviors and allows examination in a single map for patterns and correlations. Along with the map on cardiovascular death rates and map on cardiovascular disease and related prevalence it informs local health department management, program staff, and relevant community groups and organizations on the current status and distribution of lifestyle and risk behaviors contributing to the burdens of cardiovascular disease and stroke, and to guide and monitor the focus of public health intervention.

GIS Exchange|Map Details - Lifestyle and Risk Behavior, Adults in Hennepin County, Minnesota|DHDSP|CDC (2024)
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