Interstellar female soldiers welcome the first male captain — Chapter 136 – Faloo MTL (2024)

Two T3 Tyrant-class heavy starship battleships were at the forefront at the moment.

The surroundings are full of satellite fortifications and the remains of interstellar bunkers.

On the opposite side, another elven fleet had already sailed up.

“Report, the enemy’s five T3 Blood Elf-class light starships and five T3 Kaguya-class light starship destroyers are about to enter fire coverage!”

On the bridge of the T3 Tyrant-class heavy interstellar battleship No. 1, the female soldier hurriedly reported the news.

Lorna looked at the ten T3 starships approaching on the radar.

“They want to directly block our first echelon and change the tide of the war.” Lorna could see the other party’s thoughts at a glance.

The first echelon of the Blue Kite fleet now plays a very important role, and if the first echelon has a good combat effect, it can not only tear the elven defense line, but also play a role in boosting morale.

And if you can directly hit the first echelon of the Blue Kite Fleet or hinder it from continuing to advance, it will have a series of effects on the attack of the Blue Kite Fleet.

“How are the Tyrant-class heavy starship ships No. 1 and No. 2.” Lorna asked.

The deputy captain on the side reported: “The tyrant main guns of ships one and two still need to be charged for 280 seconds. But enemy ships will reach the attack range in three minutes, unless we stop moving now!

The energy shield of the other ship No. 1 is 73% left, and the energy shield of ship No. 2 is 65% left. “

“Is there such a possibility if fire support is sought from the second-echelon Death Storm-class heavy interstarship missile ships?” Lorna asked.

The deputy captain shook his head and replied directly: “The firepower range of the second-echelon Deathstorm-class heavy starship cannot reach these elf starships within ten minutes.

When it enters the range of fire, the distance between our ship and the enemy ship will be very close, and the use of interstellar missile ships may cause accidental damage. “

“It seems that they came prepared. This time was calculated early. “

Lorna stared at the ten T3 starships in the distance: “Since they want to have a competition, then we will compete with them.”

Pass on my orders, the Tempest-class light interstellar battlecruisers and the Griffin-class heavy interstellar destroyers will continue to attack from both sides regardless of the situation on our side, continuing to carry out the task of destroying interstellar bunkers and satellite fortifications along the way. “

“The captain … So why don’t our two Tyrant-class heavy starships single out these ten? The deputy captain was stunned.

She originally thought of letting the other starships in the first echelon behind her help them bear the pressure.

“The purpose of this elven fleet is to delay time. Let our two echelons of the formation cannot be pulled apart, and when the time comes, either our two echelons slow down, and the elf garrison fleet can form a more effective defensive formation in the rear.

Have you forgotten what Lord Commander told us about blitzkrieg before, blitzkrieg is mastering time! And what we’re fighting for now is time.

Pass on my order, the tyrant-class heavy interstellar battleships No. 1 and No. 2 sail side by side at full speed. In addition to the Storm main gun and those 10 pulse main guns, 40 secondary guns counterattacked on their own, and the remaining anti-aircraft laser cannons and ordinary gun positions set up a defensive system in the area I specified! “

Lorna resolutely gave the order.

Two Tyrant-class heavy starships directly killed from the first echelon, and rushed towards each other’s ten T3-class starships!

“In the first echelon, Luona’s two tyrant-class heavy starships directly broke away from the queue and advanced at full speed!” Qiao Rongrong exclaimed.

Tang Yuan on the side frowned, but did not speak.

“Report, behind the enemy defensive line. A large number of transport ships began to drag the interstellar bunkers on other defense lines.

It is expected that in half an hour, a second line of defense will be formed! The bridge woman reported.

The interstellar bunker itself cannot be moved because it does not have a powered engine, but if it relies on auxiliary starships such as transport ships for towing, it can be moved to a designated position.

“Lorna, she also saw this, the other party used ground-based fighters and the first line of defense interstellar bunker to consume our combat effectiveness.

After determining the direction of our attack, adjust the interstellar bunkers on the other lines to form a true second line of defense.

They sent these ten T3 starships because they were worried that we were advancing too fast and the second line of defense was not arranged.

At this time, if we choose to retreat, it will be difficult to launch a second wave of attacks in a short period of time. “

Sun He said this, and a shallow smile appeared at the corner of his mouth.

Lorna saw this, so she chose to go straight to it. The best way to sabotage the opponent’s plan is to annihilate all ten T3 Elf Starships in the shortest possible time, without giving the other party the opportunity to form a second line of defense. “

Tang Yue said solemnly next to him: “But this is not a small difficulty, she should arrange several Storm-class light interstellar battle cruisers or Gryphon-class heavy interstellar destroyers to fight together.” “

“Blitzkrieg, time, efficiency.” Sun He uttered three words: “She is learning.” “

Sun He showed a satisfied smile, and Lorna is now growing fast, which makes Sun He very satisfied.

In this way, one day in the future, she will be able to become a formed fleet and qualified fleet commander.

“Don’t worry about Lorna, since she has figured it out on her own, let her do it herself.” We continue to act as planned. “


Tyrant-class heavy interstellar battleship No. 1 Bridge

“Report, the main guns of the opponent’s five Blood Elf-class light starship ships have all been charged, and once they enter the attack range, they will open fire on our ships!”

Then there were five Kaguya-class light interstellar destroyers on the other side! The deputy captain said nervously.

“Calculate how much damage the opponent’s wave of attacks will inflict on us!” Lorna clenched her fists.

The deputy captain said, “The calculation given by the system is that there is a high probability that only 36% of our energy shield will remain!” “

Lorna raised her hand and opened the data panel, where she looked at the information of the opposing starship.

Soon, her gaze fell on the data of the T3 Blood Elf-class light starship battleship.

Blood Elf Cannon: Charging time is expected to be around five minutes.

Lorna then looked at the T3 Kaguya-class light starship Destroyer.

“Pass on my orders, ready to turn off the energy shield at any time!” Lorna snapped.

“What? Turn off Energy Shield? The deputy captain was dumbfounded, she wondered if she had misheard.

“That’s right, at the same time, establish real-time communication with ship two, tell me this arrangement.” As soon as I give an order, immediately turn off the energy shield! “

“This…” The deputy captain did not move.

Lorna stared at her deputy captain: “Don’t stand silly, now I am the captain of the Tyrant-class heavy starship and the squad commander!” I have the right to make such a decision. “

The deputy captain gritted his teeth and carried out Lorna’s order.

Next to Lorna, a video window appeared, it was the captain of another Tyrant-class heavy starship and third-class non-commissioned officer Miao Ya.

“Captain Lorna, although I know I should not question your arrangement. But…… I still want to remind you that turning off the Energy Shield and then restarting the Energy Shield will have a gap of almost half a minute in between. Captain Miao Ya said solemnly.

“I know what I’m doing.” Lorna said positively.

Seeing that Lorna was so firm, Captain Miao Ya didn’t say anything more, and stood up straight: “Yes, the second ship obeys your arrangement.” “

Time passes little by little.

The two Tyrant-class heavy starships were advancing at full speed, and soon the starships on both sides were in range of attack.

Five T3 Blood Elf-class light interstellar battleships took the lead.

The main gun, secondary gun, and all greeted the two T3 Tyrant-class heavy starship ships.

The pulse secondary guns of the T3 Tyrant-class heavy starship also all moved, trying to use their own attacks to resist the incoming attacks as much as possible.

20 medium-density anti-aircraft laser cannons and 100 ordinary gun positions also began to snipe incoming attacks at this moment.


Several flames exploded outside the Tyrant-class heavy starship, but that was only part of it.

Most of the attacks still fell on the Tyrant-class heavy starship battleship.


Explosive ripples appeared on the energy shield, and the shock wave caused the entire hull of the two T3 Tyrant-class heavy starships to begin to shake.

“Alert, alarm! 68% of the Energy Shield remains. “

“One shot.” Lorna stared ahead with her eyes fixed and spat out a number.

“Alert, alarm! Energy Shield remaining 61%. “

“Two.” Lorna muttered.

“Alert, alarm! Energy Shield 51% remaining. “


Lorna clenched her fists.

“Alert, alert. Energy Shield 46% remaining. “

Lorna roared directly: “Turn off the energy shield immediately!” “

“The energy shield is closed… The energy shield is off…”

The energy shields of the two tyrant-class heavy starship battleships suddenly closed at this time, and the two starships were directly exposed to each other’s starship gunfire.


The attack was more intense than before, and it directly hit the armor of the Tyrant-class heavy starship .

“Warning, alarm! The hull is under attack! “

“Warning, warning! One gun position was destroyed. “

“Warning, warning! The port side armor of the hull was damaged by 13%. “

Various alarms and reports of attacks continued to sound throughout the bridge.

Lorna clenched her fists and looked solemn.

Next to her, the deputy captain was already nervous at the moment, and Captain Miao Ya on the other side of the communication window was directing the battle of his starship.

While anxiously waiting for Lorna’s order.

“After the 10 pulse main cannons are charged, it will take another 120 seconds for the tyrant main cannon to charge!”

Lorna’s eyes showed murderous aura.

“Two Tyrant-class heavy starship 10 main guns, all aimed at the first and second T3 Blood Elf-class light starship in the port direction! Fire! “


The two T3 Tyrant-class heavy starship each had 10 pulse main guns at this time.

Ten beams of light respectively hit the two T3 Blood Elf-class light interstellar battleships on the opposite side.

“Report, the battle damage of enemy ships!” Lorna asked immediately after the attack.

“Report. Enemy ship, a Blood Elf-class light starship with energy shields destroyed. The damage to frontal armor has reached 50%, three secondary guns have been destroyed.

Another Blood Elf-class light starship energy shield was destroyed, the main gun was destroyed, and an explosion was caused by hitting an ammunition depot, and the hull was seriously damaged, but it still had a certain combat effectiveness. The deputy captain reported.

Lorna breathed a sigh of relief: “That’s enough.” “

“Captain, let’s not turn on the energy shield yet!” The deputy captain asked nervously.

“It’s not time yet.” Lorna shook her head as she stared at the time.

“Next, the tyrant plasma pulse main guns of the two T3 Tyrant-class heavy starship are aimed at the two T3 Blood Elf-class light starship on the starboard side, and it is best to destroy them! At the very least, these two ships must be incapacitated. “


Time passed little by little, and the hulls of the two Tyrant-class heavy starships were still being bombarded by each other.

This scene, in the eyes of the bridge female soldiers of the Phoenix-class aircraft carrier starship of the Blue Kite behind, was terrified.

“Why is the energy shield gone?” Qiao Rongrong asked worriedly, “According to this level of attack, it shouldn’t be consumed so quickly.” Could it be that something is wrong with the energy shield’s system? “

“No, it was the energy shield that Lorna took the initiative to turn off just now.” Tang Yuan said next to him.

“Active shutdown? Why is that? Qiao Rongrong was puzzled.

Sun He sat on the sofa and said lightly: “The energy shield is limited. And the most threatening enemy was the main gun attack of the five Blood Elf-class light starship ships.

So Lorna is ready to use energy shields to defend against the opponent’s main guns, and use the hull of her own starship to resist other damage. “

Qiao Rongrong suddenly realized.

“But there’s a risk. Although the armor strength of heavy starfrigates is high, there is no guarantee that something unlucky will not happen.

For example, it was directly hit by an ammunition depot or a bridge, main gun and so on. Tang Yuan added next to him.

Sun He smiled and said, “This thing will most likely not happen, you have not found out.” Lorna placed all the defensive firepower on her starship in these positions.

As for the remaining positions, just fight whatever the enemy wants, anyway, resist the beating. “

Tang Yuan nodded, but still said, “But there is time for the energy shield to restart. Lorna must master this time, otherwise she may suffer herself. “

“This is the time to test Lorna. Directly contact the captains of the Tempest-class light interstellar battlecruisers and griffin-class heavy starship destroyers, and if something happens by then, I will ask them to directly change their original plans.

But this matter, there is no need to tell Lorna for the time being. Sun He made a small arrangement.

Tang Yue glanced at the commander, she knew that this was Commander Sun He protecting Luo Na, the fleet commander who had not yet grown up, within his own ability.


At this time, the tyrant plasma pulse main guns of the two T3 Tyrant-class heavy starship were launched.

Two terrifying beams of Tyrant plasma pulse energy lit up the starry sky, like two pillars of light, each striking towards the two T3 Blood Elf-class light interstellar battleships.

The flagship of the Elven fleet

On the bridge of the Elven Dragon-class light aircraft carrier starship, the commander of Duke Zangweil was also watching this scene at this moment, and the expression on his face had changed from the original confidence to the solemnity at the moment.

Interstellar female soldiers welcome the first male captain — Chapter 136 – Faloo MTL (2024)
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