Project Runway model charged with stealing make-up and sunglasses (2024)

A former Project Runway model has found herself back inside the courtroom after she was accused of allegedly stealing make-up and sunglasses from her friend's handbag.

The New York Daily News reports that 33-year-old Morgan Quinn, who appeared on season one of the hit reality show, was charged with petit larceny and possession of stolen property in the fifth-degree after she received a desk appearance ticket to appear in the New York City Criminal Court for an arraignment.

According to court records, the allegedthievery took place at an apartment on W. 53rd St. on July 31, and police sources told the outlet that the victim, 49-year-old Wimon Perez, lived in the building and was said to be a friend of Morgan's.

Model mayhem: Morgan Quinn, who is pictured in Manhattan Criminal Court in 2014, has been charged with stealing make-up and sunglasses from her friend's handbag

The New York Daily News also spoke with the building's super Freddie Carrela, who said the apartment was a problematic drug spot with 'all kinds of people coming in and out' at all hours.

However, when the outlet reached out to Morgan for comment on Wednesday, she said she was in a meeting and ended the call.

The model made a splash in the New York York City Criminal Court in August 2013 when authorities said she falsely reported a robbery.

Police sources told the New York Daily News at the time that the model reported that a homeless man armed with a sharp object demanded her money at a Murray Hill deli that month

Morgan then allegedly claimed the man forced her into a building and made her hand over her purse - which had $300 inside - and her $2,000 ring.

Walk on the wild side: The model, who can be seen strutting out of the courtroom (left) and on the runway during New York Fashion Week in 2006 (right),was previously charged with filing a false police report in 2013

When police began to investigate however, they allegedly found video footage from the building that showed no such crime had taken place.

The model, who once covered Harper's Bazaar, donned flashy outfits during her numerous court appearances before agreeing to one day of community service in exchange for a dismissal of the charges in October 2014.

Prosecutors admitted that Morgan had not fabricated the robbery, however, they maintained that the incident did not happen the way she 'originally reported'.

The New York Daily News also reports that Morgan was arrested and charged for having a livery driver shuttle her around for six hours without paying in 2004, but resolution of the charges is unclear.

Keeping it real: Morgan appeared on the first season of Project Runway in 2004 (pictured) and earned the nickname 'Morganza' because of her outrageous behavior

While most models have remained unnamed and largely a minor part of Project Runway, Morgan became both and loved and loathed feature of the first season of the long-running fashion reality competition.

The competing designers dubbed her 'Morganza' after her antics constantly disrupted the competition, and during her time she managed to get caught on film damaging outfits, being late and getting extremely emotional.

However, her antics were not just restricted to when the reality cameras were on her.

Page Six reported in 2005 that the model turned up late saying her taxi had been hit by another in car accident before walking off set claiming she had a concussion.

The model was quoted as tearfully saying: 'I’m not Naomi Campbell, you know.

'I’ve had people say they don’t wanna work with me after watching the show. It has hurt me. If it was a real job, I would have taken it more seriously but it was a reality show about people who had three hours to make dresses.'

Project Runway model charged with stealing make-up and sunglasses (2024)
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