Transfer Credit Equivalency | Wake Tech (2024)

Wake Tech's transfer credit policy can be found in the Transfer Credits section of the college catalog.

International students will have to review the college's transfer credit guidelines specifically for them.

Submit your official college transcripts as part of the application process.

For transfer credit evaluations, Wake Tech can evaluate only official transcripts that are sealed and unopened or official e-transcripts that are sent directly from the previous college.

Transcripts are evaluated by the Registrar's Office, division deans and department heads.

Log in to Self-Service and go to "Student Planning." Select "Transfer Credits" from the Academics menu at the top.

Quarter hours will be converted to semester hours, and the semester hours must be equivalent to the Wake Tech course. You may lose some credits in the conversion.

If you feel that your transfer credit evaluation was not correct, here are the steps to submit an appeal:

  1. Submit Form 727: Transfer Credit Evaluation/Re-evaluation Request
  2. Attach the syllabus for the specific year in which the course was taken
  3. Email the information to [emailprotected] or [emailprotected].

Transfer credits may count differently in a new major or program of study. Work with your advisor to determine whether a new evaluation of your transfer credits is needed.

First, check the library of courses in the national Transfer Evaluation System (TES) for which Wake Tech has previously granted credit.

If you don't see your institution or course listed in TES, it is likely that we have not had the opportunity to evaluate it yet. After you are admitted to Wake Tech, we will review your coursework for any applicable transfer credit.

The Registrar's Office is responsible for evaluating international transcripts and credentials for acceptance of possible transfer credit. If a student would like international coursework evaluated for applicable transfer credit, he or she should send international transcripts to an approved agency or service provider for review and translation.

Processing time for international evaluations may take longer due to academic research involved in establishing equivalencies. (NOTE: When ordering an evaluation, students must order a "course-by-course" or "detailed" evaluation to ensure that coursework can be properly evaluated.)

Submit your official transcript with the course-by-course evaluation to the Wake Tech Admissions Office. If the transcript is not in English, the transcript must be accompanied by a certified translation.Once the enrollment process is complete, the official transcript is scanned into your record and sent to the Registrar's Office for evaluation.

It will take at least two to three weeks for the transfer evaluation to be completed and posted to an international student's portal. Students may check Self-Service at any time to monitor awarded transfer credit.

Any student who feels his or her transfer credit evaluation was not correct should follow the steps outlined above to submit an appeal.

Email [emailprotected] for answers to other transfer credit questions.

Transfer Credit Equivalency | Wake Tech (2024)
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